Grand Tour - Kykkos

Full Day Jeep Tour From Paphos


Here’s a trip that takes you deep inside the heart of the Cyprus to see off-the-beaten track destinations and wilderness areas. It’s a day filled with spectacular landscapes, little known villages, clean rivers, pristine air, flora and fauna,   cliffs,  vineyards, monasteries, churches and lots of fun and adventure.   We top it off with delicious local food and great wine in a traditional village taverna. Got the general picture? Here are the specifics:

  • The Big Rock: The day starts off with a bang as we take you to one of the most stunning (and mysterious) natural monuments right inside a small stone-built village. You’ll remember this place for a long time indeed.
  • Sinti Monastery: Built in the 16th century  by the Venetians, this Monastery and its Church, Holy Virgin of Sinti, are named after a nearby stream. The last time it had Monks was in 1927. Restored between 1994 and 1997, it now holds the Europa Nostra award of UNESCO.
  • Gelefos Bridge: We journey deep into the Troodos Forests to visit an amazing stone bridge, built by the Venetians over an actively flowing stream. There’s a chance for a small mini-trek (optional) through the forest on the way to the river. 
  • Kykkos Monastery: A “must-see” attraction in the middle of the forest, Kykkos is by far the largest and most important monastery on the island, indeed one of the most prominent monasteries in the entire eastern Orthodox world. Contained within the complex is the highly prized and most holy icon of the Panayia Kykkotissa, painted by St Luke. 
  • Don’t forget Lunch: Included in this adventure package is an extremely memorable lunch featuring an array of freshly prepared local dishes including vegetarian options. Wine, water and lemonade are served complimentary in this all-inclusive meal taken in a comfortable and clean mountain village taverna.
  • The Waterfall : We continue through pine forests as we make our way to Cyprus’ most fantastic natural wonder, a 20m waterfall with ice cold mountain water cascading down a rocky cliff. This paradise like spot,  with its lush vegetation and cool spring waters, will relax both your body and soul.


Don’t forget to bring your cameras for amazing and unforgettable photos!